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Online Conference

How It Works and Fees

All services are provided via teleheatlh (video) visit 
My services are provided on a cash only basis
*Insurance exceptions  can be accommodated on an individual basis 

Step 1:

Book Your FREE 15 Min Phone Consultation 

See How Dr. Alexander Can Help!

When we speak with one another by phone, the goals are to get acquainted, to understand your treatment goals, and ensure a good fit. I will provide honest feedback on the interventions that will be needed to get you feeling better, and can give an estimate on about how long that might take.  If we are in agreement, we then can move forward to scheduling a 90 min Initial Consultation. 

Fee: $0 

Step 3: Regular Follow Up Visits 

Step 2: 90 Minute Initial Consultation 

Creating and Implementing Your  360 Degree Treatment Plan 

Our first visit will be very eventful! I want to get to know you. I will take a full medical, social, lifestyle, and psychiatric history. I go into depth regarding every aspect of your overall health, with the goal of identifying  areas of improvement as they pertain to your mental health concerns. I then apply a 360 degree approach to create a plan that includes recommendations on medications, supplements, diet, lifestyle modifications, psychotherapy, and lab testing, as necessary, based on my findings and your goals. I approach every recommendation with time and cost effectiveness in mind. 

Fee: $ 650

Stay Connected and Monitor Your Progress 

Part of what makes this rewarding is seeing my patients get better! Once we set your 360 degree plan in motion, we will meet every few weeks-more frequently a first--to make sure you are tolerating treatment, and to find out how you are thinking, feeling, functioning, and improving. This is also the time when we can make adjustments as needed. I sometimes use rating scales to provide an objective measure of your progress. 

 Your psychiatric follow up visits can also be combined with therapy. In that case, we would first go over your medications, supplements, lifestyle changes, and lab results as necessary, then smoothly transition into your therapy session. 


75 Minute Follow up +Therapy Session $375

45 Minute Follow Up Session $250

How Therapy Works

I'm Listening! 

Let's talk! If we agree that taking a deeper look into the issue using psychotherapy would be the best course of action, I will recommend that we see each other weekly, or every 2 weeks. Everyone experiences psychotherapy differently  and there are many different  techniques. Before we get started with therapy, we would agree on specific goals and outcomes, the timing and frequency of sessions, and a tentative projection of how many sessions we will have. As we get to know each other, I will use appropriate interventions (CBT, DBT, EMDR, EFT Tapping, Stress Inoculation, Behavioral Activation, Psychodynamic principles,) to gently guide you to your own self realizations.  I will provide honest feedback and specific recommendations when appropriate as well. The goal is for you to feel safe, supported, heard, seen, and known.

Fee: 60 Min Therapy Session $300 

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