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Another Chance Integrative Mental Health

Britany Alexander, MD 

Serving Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties
(951) 339-6714 


An Integrative Psychiatry practice that combines Western principles, Natural medicines, and Lifestyle interventions to treat the whole self.


 I believe that when the mind and body are harmonious, and we learn to trust ourselves, true and lasting recovery is completely within reach. 

I'm Dr. Britany Alexander, MD 

Dr. Britany Alexander, psychiatrist

I am a Board Certified Integrative psychiatrist and psychotherapist who specializes in working with women and mothers who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and postpartum conditions. I help people to greatly reduce or resolve their concerning symptoms, feel more confident, and integrate the whole self– mind and body–through holistic healing modalities. I also have a special interest in working with individuals who struggle with chronic pain and obesity. 


I have a passion for helping people to flourish into the version of themselves they want to be. I believe that when our minds and bodies are harmonious, and we learn to trust ourselves, true and lasting recovery is completely within reach. It is possible to live through and even thrive after pain, tragedy, and challenges. I have dedicated myself to helping people get to that place. 

A girl feeling sad

Are you tired of... 


  • Feeling anxious, tense, or worried on a daily basis? 


  • Feeling like your body is always wound up? 


  •  Experiencing uncontrollable  irritability, moodiness and exhaustion? 


  • Wondering if you're a good enough mother?  

  • Struggling and feeling guilty as a new parent? 


  • Not enjoying the things you love to do?


  • Chronic illness, pain, or fatigue keeping you from functioning in the way you want to? 

  • Thinking that your body weight is outside of your control? 


  • Worrying that you can't give your best to those you love? 


  • Feeling dismissed by doctors and mental health professionals? 


  • Not feeling listened to?

  • Losing faith in the medical system? 


What's Different About Another Chance Integrative Mental Health?

Longer Appointment Times 

Integrative Mental health care is soul work. The process of healing the mind, body,  and soul's connection cannot be rushed. I have implemented longer time slots for new and return visits to foster a free environment for self expression and understanding. 

Hassle Free Scheduling and Communication 

Ever wish you could just talk to a person or get an answer quickly? Me too! So, I committed making that happen for my clients. There are several different ways to communicate with me, and I truly value responsiveness. That translates to timely answers for you, sooner appointments when needed. 


In today's world of frenzied schedules and heavy traffic, imagine receiving high quality mental health care in the comfort of your own space, at a time that is convenient to you! I offer weekend and evening appointments via telehealth. I make it as easy as possible to connect, so that the real soul work can begin. 

A Collaborative Approach 

Your treatment plan is not from a stale, cookie cutter algorithm. I have many tools to draw upon when determining the best plan of care for you! We will dialogue in detail about "how" and "why" I may recommend a course of action, and decide together the next steps. You are an equal partner in your mental health journey! Many of my patients come to me, feeling dismissed or not listened to during past experiences navigating the health care system. My goal is to ensure that you leave our visits feeling seen, heard, and valued. 


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